January 2014 Pictures

9 Feb

The Breakfast Club, Hoxton




Borough Market

A chilly Borough Market

A chilly Borough Market

An AMAZING acai berry smoothie!

An AMAZING acai berry smoothie!


Biscuit Biscuit, the ceramic cafe in Greenwich




Our finished ceramics!

The Breakfast Club, Hoxton

After detoxing for so long after Christmas, we decided to treat ourselves to brunch at The Breakfast Club, an absolute must-visit for brunch (or lunch) when in London. There are a few branches across London, though as they are so popular and don’t take reservations, it is often super hard to get in one without queuing for an hour! Luckily, the branch in Hoxton was quite a good size and as we went early enough we beat the hangover crowds rocking up at around 11.30am. I went for my favourite – poached eggs with smoked salmon – which was as tasty as ever, though the brunch menu is quite adventurous and has some fabulous Mexican inspired dishes that I definitely want to try next time! This branch also has a ‘secret’ bar underneath which you can go to on a weekend evening via their ‘fridge’…

Borough Market

Borough Market is a thriving food market opposite London Bridge tube station and really gets going on Saturdays. There you can find foods from all over the world and really specialised ingredients, as well as plenty of tasters! It can get really busy (and disorientating!) but you can stumble across some great finds, including this ‘umbrella street’! I would definitely recommend the raw cacao chocolate shop as well as this amazing Acai Berry Smoothie – who knew healthy could taste so good?!

Biscuit Biscuit Ceramic Cafe

With a day off work one Friday, my friend Rosie and I decided to get our crafts heads on and visit Biscuit Biscuit, a ceramic cafe near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Here you can choose from a variety of ceramic designs, with prices starting from £10, and spend an afternoon painting away! We had some (fairly standard) smoked salmon/cream cheese sandwiches for lunch there as we painted our objects; I chose a cupcake where the lid came off whilst Rosie chose a skull where you can put a candle in the back of it. Once we finished painting them, we handed them in to be glazed and fired before collecting them back a week later.

Those were just a few things that I got up to this January! What did you get up to? 


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