New Years Resolutions 2014

31 Dec

NY resolutions 2014

I know, I know – WHERE has 2013 gone?! 

2013 has been a pretty good year. Some of my biggest highlights have been: working two seasons at London Fashion Week, my 23rd birthday at the Ritz, a city break to Rome, going to the Isle of Wight festival with two very good friends, helping to create a successful PR launch for the Vichy Idealia Life Serum, a month backpacking around South East Asia, starting a new beauty PR job at a higher level, the outdoor rooftop film club and moving into a new flat near Greenwich, as well as sampling lots more of London’s fabulous hot spots!

Now though it is time to turn our minds to another new year and the next lot of New Year Resolutions. I have done fairly well at keeping last year’s Resolutions; I finally travelled around Thailand/Cambodia for a month, became a little healthier (undone during Christmas!) and cut down on the fake tan (again, undone during Christmas!). I still haven’t managed to re-launch the blog though!

My 2014 resolutions are: 

Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill (I am thinking photography, sewing/crafts or even SEO!)

Improve the blog

Change the name of my blog, buy a domain and make it more professional (I have been meaning to do this for so long! I believe this has been one of my NY Resolutions in 2012 and 2013… oops!)

run race for lif

Run more (I want to enter into a Race for Life this year so want to try and build up how many miles I can run. So far it is only 2!)

Travel and see new places

Travel (Quite generic but this year I would love to go on a European city break to somewhere like Barcelona, Budapest or Prague. New York would be the dream!)

Read more

Read more quality literature (I have neglected good literature since graduating two years ago so am going to try and fit time in to read more).


Club more! (I know this might seem like the opposite of a traditional resolution but I recently found that whilst I have been going to many bars, restaurants and events in London, I haven’t embraced the club scene as much lately!)

I would love to know what your resolutions are! Let me know 🙂 


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