Just Fab

29 Dec

I was rooting around looking for a potential evening bag for New Years Eve and suddenly came across this fabulous black and gold clutch from Just Fab which I had completely forgotten about:


Just Fabb

Not only is it super sturdy but it also is a dead ringer for a (more expensive) Zara version! I was gifted it after attending the JustFab event last month, held at the very swanky Penthouse in Leicester Square. JustFab is an online fashion subscription retailer specialising in shoes, bags and accessories. The idea of the website is that you pay £35 each month and can choose any item on offer; if there is nothing that you like the look of that month, you can simply skip payment that month and wait until the next! (Personally, I think the bags are the strongest part of the website).

To celebrate the event in London, artist Boyade was also there customising bags live. She explained that she began her career by painting on women’s bottoms (!) before she was commissioned to customise a bespoke designer bag for someone, which led to her delving into this form of artwork. Guests were given their own art materials in the event goody bag and encouraged to try customising one of the JustFab bags but as I am rubbish at crafts/like my bag as it is, I’ve left it to Boyarde

Boyarde customising bags at the JustFab event

Boyarde customising bags at the JustFab event





One Response to “Just Fab”

  1. fashionforlunch December 29, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    love love love this clutch!!


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