Freixenet’s Little Black Bottle

11 Dec

The Little Black Dress is that fail-safe, go-to dress that every girl has hanging in their wardrobe and now Freixenet have come up with their Little Black Bottle – a stylish (and reasonably priced!) bottle of cava designed to be as equally fabulous at festive parties! After sponsoring the Motel blogger event a few weeks ago, Freixenet got in touch with me about their Christmas challenge where I was asked to style up their Little Black Bottle in the same way that I would a dress. Want to see how I got on? 

Freixenet 2

1 – ASOS Leather Pony Paint Clutch Bag

2 – River Island Spiked Necklace 

3 – Freixenet Little Black Bottle 

4 – Motel Fur Jacket

5 – River Island Stiletto Sandals

I love fur jackets for a party so included this fabulous black one from Motel, paired with sleek, barely-there stiletto sandals from River Island for a chic contrast. So as not to be too dark, I included a splattered clutch from ASOS and a gold spiked necklace from River Island for a bit of edge!

What do you think of Freixenet and their Little Black Bottle? How would you dress yours?


2 Responses to “Freixenet’s Little Black Bottle”

  1. puttingthefauxinpas February 7, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

    If you’re a Motel Rocks fan you should check out the competition on Grabble, where you can win a £100 voucher! xx

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