Foxy Hair Extensions

24 Nov


I was kindly sent some 16″ clip-in Foxy hair extensions to try recently and even though my hair is quite a nice long length now, I still enjoy using clip-in extensions to add a bit of thickness and glamour for a night out. I usually use Beauty Works extensions (read my review of those here) and used to use cheaper Halo hair extensions when I was a student (you can find that review here) so was really keen to see how Foxy would fare. 

When the hair extensions arrived, they came in clear packaging which is great for instantly seeing if the colour will match your own; I was sent #16 Medium Golden blonde which matched perfectly! There were 8 pieces included in my 16″ set, including one big section with 4 clips, 2 x medium sections with 3 clips, 3 x smaller sections with 2 clips and finally 2 x small sections with 1 clip:

Foxy packaging

The packaging, with flash

Foxy hair extensions

The whole set, no flash

These extensions are Grade 4A quality and made from 100% Remy Hair (human hair) and you can definitely feel the lovely soft quality. Best of all, they are nice and light and the clips are comfortable; this is perfect for me as I have quite fine hair so it means they didn’t feel too heavy, pull my hair or look too big and obvious when clipped in. I was very impressed with how they both felt and looked:

No flash

Before and after, no flash

Before and after, with flash

Before and after, with flash

Before and after, from the front

Before and after, from the front

I was really impressed with these Foxy hair extensions and would absolutely recommend them. They feel light and soft whilst still adding indiscreet thickness and length to your hair. Even better, prices for the clip-ins start from just £59.99 which is one of the best prices I have seen around for good quality human hair clip-ins. 

As Foxy are one of the UK’s leading suppliers, there is a great amount of choice to choose from on their website, from human clip-in extensions in 16″ and 20″, to pre-bonded hair extensions, hair wefts, hair pieces (including Frankie Essex hair accessories), and tools/aftercare/accessories (including Sleep In Rollers!). The website is super helpful, with how-to videos and information about getting free  testers and their colour chart is amazing too, covering most shades and tones, even bright colour pop hair! Word on the street is that there will be an ombre collection arriving soon…

Some Foxy hair colours


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