Holla! City of Squalor! – Bangkok 2013

3 Aug

I’m baaaaack!

Hope you all had a wonderful July and didn’t miss me too much 😉

I had such a great time travelling around Thailand and Cambodia for a month and would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of heading over there. I’d say if you were just visiting Thailand then you could probably do it in 2.5 weeks, as 2-3 days in each place is pretty much enough and this way you get to keep more of your precious annual leave days!

Anyway, I thought I would do a quick summary of each place we visited and pop them in separate blog posts to keep it clearer. So, let’s start with crazy city that is Bangkok!


After seeing the Hangover 2, I was a little worried about what Bangkok would be like but we stayed in the backpacker area of the Khao San Road which was always full of excited travellers and had a really happy and safe atmosphere about it. Rambuttri street that runs parallel to the Khao San Road is also lovely and very slightly less touristy/English than Khao San. Be warned though, wherever you are, street sellers are likely to grab your arm every five seconds with ‘wanna buy a suit?’, ‘tuk tuk?’, ‘taxi?’, ‘ping pong show?’, ‘scorpion on a stick’? You get the idea.


A goat in a petrol station. Casual.

A goat in a petrol station. Casual.

Accommodation: Whilst in Bangkok, we stayed in a couple of hotels that cost us around £10 each per night (standard cost for Thailand) called Rikka Inn and Sleep Withinn. I was really pleased with them – both had fabulous rooftop pools, modern clean rooms and free wi-fi, so I would definitely recommend. Plus, the travel agent next door to Sleep Withinn was run by an incredibly sweet Thai man who can’t do enough for you!

The view from the rooftop pools

The view from the rooftop pools


Food: There are so many food choices in this area, from popular cheap street food vendors (around 50p for pad thai), to busy restaurants (My Darling, The Macaroni Club and Green House were great) and even Western outlets like McDonalds and KFC. Also, don’t be surprised if you find the waiting staff rude or bad service as we found this is how the staff behaved all across Thailand.

In one of the restaurants

In one of the restaurants

Learning how to use chopsticks

Learning how to use chopsticks

I asked for a tuna salad and this arrived...

I asked for a tuna salad and this arrived…



Things to Do: Bangkok is a HUGE city so there is plenty to do there. We spent time looking at ornate temples (Wat Po is the most affordable), shopping around the markets, spotting the bridge over the River Kwai and also visited China Town which is possibly the most crowded, mental place I have ever been to! We took day trips to the Floating Market and to Erawan Waterfall; Erawan Waterfall is in a national park about 1 hour drive from Bangkok and has 7 levels of stunning waterfalls which I really cannot recommend enough. It was so incredibly beautiful, though you do have to be careful that monkeys don’t pinch your belongings while you’re taking a dip in the lagoons! Also, the waters contain big fish that nibble at your feet giving you a free foot spa, though I hate fish so this was probably my least favourite part!

Off to Wat Po

Off to Wat Po





Escaping the fish and making a splash

Escaping the fish and making a splash


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  1. Ella Hope Blogs August 5, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    Bangkok looks amazing! Your photos are brilliant! What camera do you use? So many beautiful places in the world isn’t there. I’m a new blogger and was wondering if you could check out my first few posts, you could even follow me if you like what you see. Thank you 🙂

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