Review: ARK Skincare

27 May

I was recently sent a couple of products from London-based skincare brand ARK, created by ARK Health & Beauty salon founder Shula Starkey whose new range apparently took over 5 years to create. 

ARK is a little different to many skincare brands as its products focus around age foremost, rather than skintype. It is ARK’s belief that women’s skin goes through two key transitional stages where there is both a dramatic change in hormones and the way in which the body functions, which they identified as late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s. They therefore established three key product lines appropriate for different ages:  
Age Prepare (late teens to early 30s)
Age Maintain (mid 30s – 50s)
Age Repair (50 and Beyond)
Each line has four core products of a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and mask which ARK believe are the essentials of a good regular skincare routine. (In order to tackle extra issues, such as redness or dryness, there are also 8 SkinResponse Serums available which you can add into your routine and which are designed to work over a 6-8 week period).
I was sent the Skin Clear Cleanser and the Skin Purifying Masque, both from the Age Prepare range and which both arrived looking fabulously stylish in the sleek (almost Jo Malone-esque) monochrome boxes.
I am always a big fan of face masks so I was keen to try the Skin Purifying Masque first. In my eagerness I did get some near my eyes which stung quite a bit, so take care when applying! The mask is designed to purify, refresh and revitalise the skin whilst also smoothing its texture. It is supposed to temporarily tighten pores and absorb any excess oils from the skin’s surface (thanks to the mineral clays Bentonite and Kaolin). The directions instruct you to leave a thin layer to cleansed skin, leave for ten minutes and rinse off.  For me, this applied really easily (though you do need to be liberal with the amount you apply) and when it began to dry on the skin I could really feel it working on my pores without aggravating my sensitive skin. Once I washed it off my face looked brighter and much cleaner so I was very happy with the results! I can definitely see this becoming my Sunday night face mask and would especially recommend it to those with combination/oily skin.
The Skin Clear Cleanser is a lovely foaming cleanser which is soap-free and is designed to wash away impurities without stripping or drying the skin. It is meant to cleanse the skin from a build up of sebum/grease and keep moisture levels in check, whilst also containing anti-oxidants. This was lovely and gentle to use and the big bottle should last quite a while as not much product is needed each time – bonus! I would still recommend using another cleanser or micellar water in conjunction with this as I feel that way you are really cleansing your skin properly.
Prices seem to start from £20 upwards and you can visit the website here
Have you tried any ARK skincare products before? Have you got any recommendations? 

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