Launch: Caudalie Divine Legs

26 May

Summer might not have arrived in England yet but skincare brand Caudalie tried to recreate the holiday vibe on Wednesday night with the launch of their new Divine Legs tinted body lotion at Mayfair’s tropical club Mahiki. 


Guests were invited to sip on custom cocktails in the hawaiian club as we learnt about the new Divine Legs product, a tinted body lotion that comes out a dark chocolate brown before melting into the skin to leave a golden glow. Enriched with the same holiday scent as their popular Divine Oil, this is a quick drying tinted fluid which lasts until you wash it off in the shower.



We were also told that it includes ingredients that activate your skin’s natural tanning process (the production of melanin), so that if you use it for a couple of weeks before you go on holiday, your skin will be readily prepared to tan. What I will say here is that it is still incredibly important to take care in the sun and treat your skin responsibly, so always wear a sunscreen! Even if you don’t burn (from the UVB rays), the sun also emits UVA rays which are responsible for premature ageing and that leathery skin look as these are long-wave rays that get right down into your skin and affect all levels of the dermis. 


Overall, this seems a lovely tinted fluid that would be perfect to slather on for a golden glow before heading out for summer drinks and a BBQ. If we ever get the weather, that is… 


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