L’Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue Blogger Evening

21 Mar

On Tuesday evening I popped along to the L’Oreal Paris blogger launch for their new at-home hair colouring product Mousse Absolue by Preference.

This product is priced around £11 and available to buy from Boots.


It is L’Oreal Paris’ first ever reusable, ready to use, permanent at-home hair colour that has been ten years in the making.

The new reusable element is thanks to sophisticated packaging that protects the formula; the plastic exterior and aluminium interior creates a barrier that prevents the oxygen getting to the formula and thus preserves the colouring formula.  The bottle contains both the colour and the developer and has been developed so that the gas pressure inside releases equal amounts of both.


To use, you remove the black lid, squirt the mousse on any roots or hair that you want to colour, massage in and leave for thirty minutes. There are a wide variety of the most popular colours to choose from; I selected the 900 blonde to cover my roots and will report back once I’ve used it!




New prod

This product is priced around £11 and available to buy from Boots.


One Response to “L’Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue Blogger Evening”

  1. Kitty March 22, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

    You’re so lucky 😉

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