Weekend Update: Chinese New Year and Cafe Concerto

10 Feb

As always the weekend has flown by! Friday night was just spent pampering, relaxing and watching Season 2 of The Hills (how have I only just started watching it?!) whilst Saturday I went to the gym, blogged and caught up with a Uni friend in Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, the restaurant we chose was literally terrible. The staff were just unbelievably rude – they rushed us to order, then bought us the wrong food, didn’t rectify it even though we asked twice but still charged us the higher amount it should have cost. They then refused to refund us the difference and when we convinced them they literally threw the money on the table at us and hurried us up to leave! I have never been treated so badly in a restaurant, so here’s a word of warning to you all not to eat there! 

I wouldn't eat here if I were you

Terrible restaurant

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, the boy and I ventured out into the rain to have a little wander around Mayfair and ended up eating at Cafe Concerto (I’m always a sucker for a patisserie window)! We shared a chicken, bacon and mayo sandwhich and then split a chocolate mousse cake which definitely perked me up on this dreary day. 




Tonight I will be indulging in a little face mask and watching Mr. Selfridge. How were your weekends?


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