GIRLS Night In: Sky Atlantic Competition

1 Oct

 Last night my housemates and I settled down in our pajamas and face masks to preview the first three episodes of new HBO series GIRLS, courtesy of Sky Atlantic. Along with the episodes we were sent some amazing treats to make it a proper ‘girls night in’; these included bottles of prosecco, bags of popcorn, boxes of pizzas, tubs of ice cream and a bottle of coke. It is fair to say we nearly demolished it all before the first episode had finished! Thanks Sky!

Facemasks on! (Vichy’s Normaderm 3-in-1 Cleanser, just in case you were wondering!)

If you haven’t already heard, GIRLS is a new series following the lives of four young girls living in New York. It has been hailed as the Sex and the City for the modern age and it is definitely influenced by current modern day problems, such as the recession, increase in unpaid internships and the rising cost of living, to name a few examples. Gone is the glitz, gloss and luxury of SATC and in its place is a gritty, often awkward portrayal of four very different lifestyles. In the first few episodes we see characters walk in on each other on the toilets, deal with abortion and STIs and have very dysfunctional sex.

The ‘Carrie’ of the group is an overweight girl with tattoos struggling with an unpaid internship and a dysfunctional relationship, whilst the ‘Miranda’ equivalent is a beautiful career woman with a caring boyfriend who feels bored and unfulfilled. The ‘Samantha’ character is an English hippy who enjoys drugs and the ‘Charlotte’ character is a sweet girl who reveals she is still a virgin. Quite a leap from SATC, wouldn’t you say?

The ‘Carrie’ equivalent

Thanks again to Sky for picking us to preview the series. It airs on 22nd October on Sky – if you are able to watch it, let me know what you think! For more information, visit or follow the hashtag #mistakesGIRLSmake on Twitter.


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