Redken Review: All Soft

18 Jun

I am really fussy when it comes to hair conditioner and find it so difficult to find one that transforms my bleached, dry, fine hair to hair that is manageable, moisturized and soft. I am pleased to say that my search may well be over after using Redken’s All Soft Heavy Cream!


After trying countless brands searching for a worthy conditioner, I purchased Redken’s All Soft Heavy cream after seeing a discount on It arrived just a few days later and I tested it out straight away.

Upon opening the tub, I could smell a salon-like scent which was noticeable but not overpowering or unpleasant. Luckily I didn’t have to use much product at all for it to condition my hair, unlike Kerastase’s Masque Force Architecte which I used before this and disappeared within two weeks!

 After washing it out, my hair instantly felt softer and more conditioned. Usually it is a huge battle to comb through the knots and tangles in my wet hair but after using this conditioner it was much more manageable and I didn’t have to coat my hair in de-tangling products like normal! I blow-dried and was left with incredibly soft, manageable hair with very limited frizz – happy days!   

The only negative with the product was that it did weigh my hair down a little and it did go greasier than normal the following day, though my hair is quite fine so those with thicker hair might not have the same trouble. I am going to try using even less next time to see if that helps at all.

Overall, a conditioning product that really does deliver and is perfect to use once or twice a week as a deep conditioning treatment! 4.5 stars out of 5 from me!


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