TV Opportunity for up-and-coming Designers

2 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all had fantastic weekends? I celebrated in Bournemouth at Bliss which was fab and as it is the start of the first week of 2012 I thought I would let you know about an exciting opportunity that was emailed to me!

Twenty Twenty TV are producing a major new TV series about fashion and are on the look out for up-and-coming designers to take part! They are considering designers of any level and formal qualifications are not necessary although the ability to create clothing is essential. If you want to apply and see your clothes on some of the world’s biggest music stars then email or call 02074247715 for more info.

How’s that for an exciting start to 2012?


It has just been revealed that both Rihanna and Nicola Roberts will be appearing in the show, set to air on Sky Living, and will give the contestants the briefs. The final challenge and ultimate task for the winner will be to design a unique stage outfit for Rihanna’s Wireless performance in Hyde Park this July 2012. For more info, visit Sky Living


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