New Years Resolutions

2 Jan

So, it is officially the start of 2012 which also means its the time to get thinking about the dreaded New Years Resolutions! I, like most people, make the standard resolutions of ‘losing weight’ and ‘detoxing’ which are forgotten after about a couple of weeks, but 2011 was different. I tried to think outside of box and decided that my main resolutions would be to ‘challenge myself’ and ‘try new things’. I am happy to say that I kept these in mind all year and so for once I actually stuck to my resolutions! I am so happy that I did as it meant 2011 was altogether a great year – I went to my first ever London Fashion Week, turned 21, went to Paris, graduated, went to my first festival, went on a cracking holiday to Bulgaria and got the graduate job I wanted in fashion/beauty PR!

So with all that in mind, I decided that this year my resolutions would be:

1: Keep doing exciting new things outside my comfort zone (which will hopefully include some travelling!)

2: Build the blog so that is bigger and better then ever! I’m looking into redesigns as we speak…

3: Spend more time on myself so that I don’t always turn up looking a bit shabby!

4: Spend more time on other people – I tend to be so busy all the time that I don’t speak to friends as much as I should/want!

Plus a few more visits to the gym couldn’t hurt…! Have you sorted your resolutions yet?


4 Responses to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. charlie212 January 2, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    You are the least shabby person I know!
    My New Years Resolution is to be happy 🙂
    Also, to convince you to visit me in Brighton very soon!!

    • britishbeautyblagger January 2, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

      Ha thanks Charlie, though I always seem to have holes in my tights or turn up wearing things inside out/back to front! Good resolution! I will most definitely be coming to Brighton again don’t you worry- we didn’t have long enough in Revs! xxxxx


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