Review: Glow n Beauty Salon, Manchester

26 Nov

With Christmas parties galore coming up I decided this week that it was time for a spray tan! I have only lived in Manchester for a couple of months and wasn’t sure where to book in but it was the prices at Glow N Beauty that cinched it for me; one full body spray tan they do costs £11.50 using LA tan and the other costs £15 using Sun Junkie. Apparently, the only difference is that the LA tan lasts around 5-7 days whilst the Sun Junkie tan lasts around 7-10 days. I’ve never found that a spray tan has managed to last 10 days so I decided to save my pennies and have the LA spray.

The salon is a small local one on a street that doesn’t look the most inviting, yet for under half the price of most other salons I was happy to visit!

It was quite small and home-like inside yet the staff were very lovely and efficient. I went for a medium shade and though at first I worried it wouldn’t be dark enough, it developed over the night to reveal an absolutely lovely tan the next day. I forgot to take a before picture, but here are a couple of me rocking day 1 of the tan for a Xmas party in my new dress:

Dress from Lavish Alice

Bag from Primark, shoes from New Look


One Response to “Review: Glow n Beauty Salon, Manchester”

  1. beauty salon manchester February 6, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    Yes we have clients who have tried this salon shop and they thought it was a very nice and friendly place to go. Nice to see us Manchester shops are great with our customers..well done! 🙂

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