Review: Tanatomicals Holy Grail for the Deathly Pale Fake Tan

18 Nov

I was recentlygiven a bottle of the Tanatomicals Holy Grail for the Deathly Pale fake tan by my lovely friend Emilie and tried it out for the first time last week! I am constantly on the hunt for the best fake tan in terms of price/results and so was really excited to try this brand out.

The bottle itself stands out from the crowded fake tan market with its quirky names (another bottle is called Get a Tan Without Looking Like Your Gran) and banter in the text, a bit like Benefit. It is super easy to use – the mousse comes out of a pump nozzle which is quite sensitive so that you can control the amount fairly easily. Again, it is very easy to apply as the mousse is medium/dark brown which means you can see where you might have missed applying. What I loved was that it hardly smelt and dried so quickly! Here are some before and after shots to give you an idea:



This gave a lovely natural golden glow which is ideal for those with fair skin or who don’t want their fake tan to look too obvious. Unfortunately for me, it just wasn’t dark enough and didn’t get any darker with any additional coats. Also, it is an instant tan and personally I prefer those that last a few days after application. About an 8/10 from me!


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