Review: Remington Shine Therapy 2000W Dryer

18 Oct

Whines and stutters are not healthy sounds for a hairdyer, so when mine started making these noises I knew it was time to invest in a new one. Remington has always been my go-to brand for hairdryers so last week I decided to order the Remington Shine Therapy hairdryer from It is supposed to reduce frizz, add shine, smoothen and improve the condition of the hair which are all necessary things for my damaged locks!

The hairdryer cost £25 from the website and was delivered free a couple of days after ordering. When I first picked up the box I was shocked with just how light it was which is fab as I always get arm ache drying my barnet! It has a concentrator nozzle, tourmaline and ceramic grill, ionic conditioning, and 3 heat/2 speed settings.

The product itself is an odd design; the nozzle is pretty big as it has a compartment for the ‘Shine Therapy’ cartridges to fit underneath, a bit like a printer. These cartridges are meant to infuse hair with shine particles when you press the button during your drying time and are supposed to last around 40 uses. Two come with the hairdryer.

I was so impatient to test it out that I didn’t insert a Shine Therapy cartridge at first but I was still massively impressed! My hair was so much softer, shinier and less frizzy after the first go with this hairdryer! (Didn’t even need the straighteners afterwards which is always a bonus). The next time I dried my hair I did use a cartridge but it was hard to tell whether anything was actually coming out each time that I pressed the button. I’m not sure how effective these cartridges are or whether they are more of a gimmick, but nonetheless I’m still really happy with the performance of this hairdryer!

£25 well spent I’d say.


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