Sienna Spa – Radisson Edwardian Hotel Manchester

22 Sep

I was kindly invited to a complimentary spa day at Sienna Spa and Health Club which can be found on the lower floor of the Radisson Edwardian Manchester. My invite included a facial, lunch, as well as full use of the leisure facilities. I’ve never had a facial or spa day before and all I can say is-wow!

Entrance to the hotel

Upon arrival I was given a locker which contained a robe, slippers, and towel for me to change into. The friendly staff then led me to the reception room overlooking the pool where I quickly flipped through a copy of Elle before an employee named Sarah collected me for my facial.

The treatment room was dimly lit with candles and had soft Oriental-style music playing in the background. Even walking in I felt relaxed!

I was asked if I had any concerns with my skin but luckily the only problem I really get is spots on my chin about once a month. Sarah tested my skin and told me that I have an oily t-zone and slightly dry cheeks, so we agreed that she would use an exfoliating scrub, a cleansing cream to draw out impurities and a thick moisturiser for my cheek area especially. The products she was using were all Comfort Zone and included: the everyday milk and everyday tonic (to take off the make-up that I was wearing), active pureness scrub and active pureness mask (to draw out the impurities), the eye supreme cream gel and the hydramemory fluid.

I have to say, an hour was not long enough! The facial was so relaxing-a scalp massage was included as well which I always love when I go to the hairdressers! While my moisturising mask was left on I was also given an arm and hand massage and the hand massage was incredible-I really felt like a lot of the tension had been released! (As this was my first facial/spa experience I don’t know if this is the done practice anyway)? I think possibly the only negatives to the experience were that my face seemed slightly greasy afterwards and that my hair became quite greasy after the scalp massage due to the oils used, though to be fair to her she did ask me if the oil/hair combo was OK!

After wandering back through to the reception room, I decided to order some lunch. The menu had a range of dishes for £10, including spinach/mushroom risotto, a selection of sandwhiches, a tomato/basil pasta dish, greek salad, and a chicken ceaser salad, amongst others. I opted for the chicken and chorizo fajitas which arrived ar0und 10 minutes later. I loved the presentation of them; a private table was wheeled in for me with a cloche over my four fajitas and some bread/dips! By this time the room was empty so it really was like my own private service.

The fajitas were spiced but not too hot which was perfect for me. The problem was that they were dripping in oil! Every time I picked one up oil would just run out of the bottom which really put me off. In the end I just opened up the wraps and picked out of them which was a shame.

So all in all, a lovely experience that only had a few minor let-downs. I could definitely get used to this sort of life…


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