He-Shi Fake Tan Review and Offer

11 Aug

After hearing such positive reviews about the He-Shi fake tanning line-(so called because it can be used by both ‘he’ and ‘she’)- I decided to buy myself a bottle of the He-Shi Express Liquid Tan. This was a bit of a treat for me as the product retails at around £21 for 150ml and so is not the most affordable on the high street. I was swayed by its promises of being speedy drying, non-streaking, quick, and easy to use:

I used this product straight away and my first shock was the consistency; it really does mean liquid! The tan gushed out like water, well, soy-sauce, and dripped all over me and the (beige) floor! On the guidelines it says to use a tanning mitt when applying but I found that this soaked up too much of the product. SO I ended up sort of dribbling it onto my skin and wiping in before it dripped away. Not a great start really.

However, apart from the hassle of applying, this is a very good fake tan. It dries extremely quickly, does not go patchy, and really does not have any sort of tell-tale aroma! The glow is slightly more orange-y than some other fake tans but I loved the colour and the glow on my skin. I was also impressed with its longevity, as it lasted for a good 3 days before starting to slowly fade.

First day of application

Colour of skin on day 4

I’m a bit torn over this product. I love the colour and speed of it but really do not like the drippy consistency or the price-tag. Perhaps I’ll try one of their other products, like the mousse.

If you are a fan of He-Shi or want to try the brand out, then they are offering a free full size day-to-day gradual tan when you spend £30 or more on their website. All you have to do is enter ‘DAY’ at the checkout.


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