My hols in Bulgaria and Diamond Hotel review

3 Jul

If you have been wondering why it has been so quiet on the blog recently then I can explain that it was because I went on a Graduation holiday to Bulgaria with my Uni mates! It was the first time I have ever been to Bulgaria and if you are thinking of going then I would recommend it as a holiday destination as it was fairly cheap (around £5 for meals and £1 for local beers) and the nightlife was good (even better if you’re a fan of casinos and stripclubs)!




We stayed at a hotel called the Diamond Hotel which is classed as 4*, though obviously as Bulgaria is still both a relatively new tourist destination and a developing country then it is not as luxurious as our 4* hotels are! Saying this, I was impressed by the hotel; our rooms were very big with balconies, cleaned every day by a very sweet maid, and the hotel itself included a shop, internet cafe, games room, 2 bars, a tattoo parlour and a hair/beauty salon! It is also a 2 minute walk away from the main strip and about 5 mins from the beach so in a perfect location. Also, despite it being designed more for 18-30 year olds, it was not overly loud or wild. The only disappointing part was the food as it was very greasy, oily, and the same food each day-gristly rice, dry chips, fatty pork/chicken, bony fish-you get the idea. We had paid all inclusive but as it is so cheap to eat out in Bulgaria I would recommend going self-catering.

Hotel Diamond Bulgaria



Most of the bars and clubs have drinks deals; our favourite was Central Bar which offered 5 cocktails for £7.50! We spent our last night at Funny Pub as the meals are pretty good quality; my housemates ordered a chicken skewer which was huge whilst I had a tuna salad which cost around £5. However, though it is good value in Bulgaria, it did feel quite unfriendly and unsafe at times. Also, though us girls could get in free nearly everywhere, the boys kept getting short-changed. Plus, everywhere seems to charge you to use the toilet, even if you are a paying customer in a restaurant or have paid to get into a club! A lot of the group seemed to recommend Zante over Bulgaria, so this might be something to bear in mind.


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    Love your blog! We have a blog proposal from the Castlefield Clinic, give me a quick e-mail!

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