Benefit Bargains

23 Jun

If you are a fan of Benefit skincare then grab yourself a copy of Grazia magazine this week as inside there is a coupoon for free Benefit products! The mag itself costs £2 and the products would cost around £10 so it’s a no-brainer if you ask me! I would hurry though, as it is first-come-first-served and some stockists (e.g. Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser) are beginning to run out. I managed to pick up mine from Debenhams and, as always, love both the packaging and the look of the products. The coupon gets you a moisturiser, facial cleanser, and eye cream:

I used the foaming cleansing lotion and it was lovely; it took my make-up off and left my skin feeling really soft. I then followed it up with my Clarins toner before using this Benefit oil-free moisturiser. Even though the moisturiser says it is oil-free, for some reason it left my skin feeling a bit greasy! I am yet to use the eye cream, though I am going on a Grad holiday to Bulgaria tomorrow so I feel it will come in use this week!


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