Witch Anti-Blemish Skincare Reviews

22 Jun

I recently won some Witch skincare goodies in a giveaway from Jen’s blog ‘Beauty Junkie in London’. Witch have been busy promoting their new anti-blemish range and I won the anti-blemish cleansing wipes, blemish pen, skin-clearing primer, and anti-blemish concealer.

(From left to right) Concealer, Make-up Wipes, Anti-Blemish pen


My favourite of these so far has to be the skin-clearing primer, as it definitely minimised my blemishes and redness and kept my make-up in place for most of the day. It did not feel greasy at all and absorbed quickly so in my opinion it is well worth the £6.99 price tag.

The blemish pen could not have come at a better time as my skin was breaking out in red spots around my chin area. The first time I used it was with the primer and my spots definitely reduced, however I cannot tell whether that was because of the primer or the pen! I have used it since and to be honest it hasn’t really made that much of a difference; the redness reduces by a little amount but not significantly.  

Blemish Pen with the lid off

The concealer is both a lovely colour and consistency, however the only negative is that it does not have much staying power. The wet wipes are fine and I like them as they do not irritate the skin as some cheaper brands can!

Close up of the concealer


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