MAC false eyelashes review

13 Jun

Back in April I was given some MAC false eyelashes for my birthday courtesy of my bff Rosie! She also bought me the glue which is sold separately

Last week we celebrated Rosie’s 21st in Brighton so it was a prime opportunity to wear my new eyelashes. I was very impressed with them as they gave great volume without looking too fake! Plus, the annoying peeling-at-the-edges situation that often happens as the night goes on was not a problem as the glue was amazing. After applying to the eyelashes the glue dried pretty quickly and then stayed put from 8pm-3am until I took them off. I was worried taking them off would be painful or tug at the skin as the glue was so strong, yet they pulled off really easily. Here are some before and after shots:

Before (with one coat of L'ancome Hypnose mascara)

Before (with one coat of L’ancome Hypnose mascara)


So my final verdict is a very good 8.5/10! I would have awarded higher except I know that MAC can be expensive and I have been impressed with other cheaper brands, such as Eyelure and Rimini. Though saying this, the MAC glue is hands-down the best I have tried. Thanks Rosie!


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