The Gloves Are Off

7 Jun

Possibly the biggest fake tan faux pas is having orange tell-tale palms, as I might have had the other day…

I usually use the St. Tropez tanning mitt which costs a reasonable £3.50, however I’ve been holding onto mine for a long time and it was beginning to look pretty shabby…

I didn’t have much time to go and buy another one so I quickly popped into Wilkinsons and picked up these bad boys!

Wilkinson's Latex Gloves

They cost £1.99 for 10 and are amazing for the job! I did find with the St Tropez mitt that it slightly absorbed some of the fake tan before it reached my skin which meant that there was some wastage, yet this is not a problem at all with these gloves. I just wanted to recommend them as it shows that you can save a few pennies in your beauty regime. (Plus, you’ll also have your cleaning/food prep bases covered too).


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