Benefit Coralista Blusher Review

7 Jun

Everyone raves about Benefit’s Coralista Blusher and it seems that I too will be joining the bandwagon. It  is a coral colour, somewhere between pink and peach and comes in a little box with a brush attached to the lid.

Benefit Coralista Blush

I was given the Blush as a birthday present over a year ago and as you can see from the picture there is still plenty left! I tend to use it every couple of days so I am very impressed by the longevity first of all.

The main reason why I love this blusher so much is that it just looks so natural on all sorts of skin tones. I have naturally fair/porcelain skin (thanks Irish heritage) but do tend to wear a lot of fake tan and this blusher looks lovely on all the changing colours of my face! It doesn’t look like heavy or harsh or like a doll, yet can be built up depending on how much colour you want. (I also own the Smashbox pink blusher which is great if you want bright popping pink on your cheeks with minimum application yet not so good if you want a more natural look).

Gentle hint of blusher (though camera wasn't very good at picking it up!)

I suppose the only possible negative with this blush from Benefit is the pre-packed brush as a lot of people tend to dislike these sorts of brushes this shape, though personally I find the little box design handy and the brush itself is very easy to use.


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