Halo Hair Extensions Review

2 Apr

After hearing such good things about Halo Hair Extensions, I recently decided to invest in a pair. I have platinum blonde highlights but couldn’t really tell which blonde extensions to go for-there were blondes ranging from golden and strawberry to swedish and bleached-so used the ‘Match Your Hair’ service that the website offers; this involves sending a recent image of yourself to a member of the team and waiting for their recommendations. The service was very prompt and I was contacted the next day by an employee named John who recommended the bleach blonde. After putting in an order, the hair extensions arrived a few days later, looking like this:

Halo Human Hair Extensions 16″ in Bleach Blonde

The extensions are 100% human hair and definitely fantastic quality-I think the £40 price tag is more than reasonable and I would definitely recommend buying from Halo! However, the problem for me was that the extensions didn’t quite match my hair colour properly as they were a block colour and I just have highlights:

I was planning to exchange them but unfortunately I hadn’t read the returns policy properly which states that the extensions cannot be returned if they have been taken out of their box (for hygeine reasons) and I definitely had taken them out! I got back in touch with John and though he was helpful, Halo simply couldn’t accept the return. I have tried wearing the extensions in a plait so that the colour mixes in with my own natural colour better and have been happy with the result:

Sorry about the poor quality-the camera batteries were running out!

Since they are human hair I have been considering getting a hairdresser to put some lowlights in them to make them more natural. It’s my 21st this April so I am hoping to have get some money towards it then. Or if Halo are reading this, a Halo birthday present wouldn’t go amiss! Haha.


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