Fake Tan Discount

9 Mar

Just as I was beginning to run out of my beloved St. Tropez self-tan, along comes Cheapsmells.com handily offering an extra 10% off their tanning lines! I couldn’t find any St. Tropez self-tanning lotion on the website but I did buy the Fake Bake Beyond Bronze self-tanning lotion for £11.69 instead of the RRP of £17.99. And standard postage is free!

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Self Tan Lotion

Beyond Bronze is my favourite self-tan after the St. Tropez line and I would say that I actually prefer it to the more expensive Fake Bake products. For example, I bought the Fake Bake Instant Self-Tan mousse at a discounted price from the Britains Next Top Model show last year and whilst I cannot deny that it does dry instantly, it goes patchy quite easily and does not go as dark or last for as long as I would like:

Fake Bake Instant Self-Tan Mousse

Luckily, the slightly cheaper Beyond Bronze range creates a fairly-dark-though-still-natural-looking tan. It does have a slightly stronger smell when applying, marks the sheets a little bit more and doesn’t have the same staying power as St. Tropez but it remains one of my favoured fake tans (and believe me, I have tried a lot).


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