Next Just Pink Lip Balm

27 Feb

One of the goodies that was given to us at the LOOK show last week was this ‘Just Pink Lip Balm’ from Next which I believe costs around £1.50 in-store.


Next Just Pink Lip Balm


I tested it out for the first time yesterday and am in two minds about the product. The aesthetics are lovely; the light pink design makes it look pretty in the make-up bag-(a lot more so than my trusted vaseline lip balm)! Also the smell when the lid is taken off is a gorgeous floral scent which is quite refreshing without being too strong. Finally, the lip balm itself is a delicate smooth, rose colour:

The lip balm inside

When I put the lip-balm on I was pleasantly surprised by the light pink shimmer it gave to my lips, almost like a lip gloss. However as a balm it was not so successful, as it felt slightly greasy and did not moisturise as much as I would have liked. It also wore away fairly quickly, even without me eating or drinking. I am not unhappy with the product and might use it for nights out, but on this occassion I think I’m going to stick with my unattractive yet wonderful vaseline:

Vaseline Lip Balm


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