Serie Expert by L’oreal Absolut Repair Masque and Kerastase Ciment Thermique

5 Jan

As a little New Year treat to myself, I splashed out a bit on hair products and purchased the Serie Expert by L’oreal Absolut Repair Masque and Kerastase Ciment Thermique. (If my post-Christmas body is looking a bit out of shape at the moment I figured I was allowed to at least help my hair to look good?!) Plus the website were having a 30% discount sale which was obviously a sign right?

The Absolut Repair Masque is an intensive conditioner designed for damaged hair, which mine definitely is. The consistency of the conditioner is quite thick (and orange-y) which luckily means that a little goes a long way. It might sound silly to say but when using it I felt as if the product was actually penetrating the hair rather than just coating the outside like many other cheaper brands. Immediately after showering I noticed a difference as my hair felt softer and was much easier to comb through. After blow-drying it still felt lovely and soft with a lot less frizz. I would definitely recommend this conditioner and will probably be using it a couple of times a week. Christmas money well spent!

Absolut Repair Masque

The second product I purchased was Kerastase’s Ciment Thermique, a heat-protection cream designed to strengthen and protect the hair for up to 5 washes. Kerastase is considered one of the best haircare brands out there and I had heard such good things about it that I was confident – and I was right to be. The cream made my hair feel so much stronger and also super soft and silky! It was definitely easier to blow dry and much less frizzy afterwards. As I have fine hair my hair can often become weighed down with product so this cream was great in keeping it feeling light and silky. Again, I would 100% recommend.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique


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