The Tangle Teezer

1 Jan

If you have been following this blog then you may have gathered that my hair is in pretty bad condition. I have been bleaching and dying it blonde for about 5 years and as it is naturally fine this has led it to become incredibly dry, frizzy, and tangled. My biggest hair battle is directly after washing it; think of a knotted, tangled, matted frizz-ball to comb through and you’ll be close to the mark. It was with this in mind that I decided to buy the Tangle Teezer, hailed as a revolutionary new product that eliminates tangles without pulling or breaking the hair and is said to be especially ideal for people with hair extensions.

Tangle Teezer

I was very excited to use the product and now can’t live without it! It really does de-tangle easily and doesn’t pull or stretch my hair – goodbye painful tugging  and combs getting stuck and lost in knots! It works on both wet and dry hair and now I really couldn’t live without it.

This is available from Boots for around £10.


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    […] Usually when I come to comb through my hair after a shower I am armed with plenty of serum and my Tangle Teezer but after using this conditioner I was able to comb through pretty easily without needing any […]

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