Bare Minerals Foundation Primer-worth the money?

16 Dec

I have always been dubious about the effectiveness of foundation primers and the claims that they even skin tone, moisturise, and keep foundation in place for longer. However my skin can be a nightmare as I have an oily T-zone yet dry cheeks and am so fair that redness shows up very quickly (oh the blessings of Irish heritage)! It was because of this that I finally decided to test the Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primers-both normal and oil control.

The liquid in both primers is like a gel which may seem heavy at first but actually as you only need a minimal amount it does not feel that greasy when applied onto the skin. Saying this though, I did find that when using Prime Time primer for normal skin it seemed as if it was both clogging my pores and encouraging spots. Luckily, the Oil Control primer was a different story.

Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer

This primer felt lighter on my face and it did not cause any spots like the other primer, however though it was better at disguising oilyness I wouldn’t say that my oily T-zone disappeared completely. I was impressed with the staying-power of my foundation after using this product, as even after racing around all day I did not need to touch up my make-up. Redness was slightly less, though not massively.

My verdict would be that the oil control primer is pretty good at keeping foundation on for longer and giving a smoother looking complexion and if you have £14 to spare then definitely pick it up. 


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