Finance-Friendly FCUK

11 Nov

FCUK is one of my favourite high-end high street shops, though normally I can only afford to stroke the clothes longingly before leaving the shop empty-handed.

The brand is known for its structured, classic dress styles, and I have been lusting after this ‘Dandy Voile Dress’ for some time:

FCUK Dandy Voile Dress

It is the right mix of classic and statement-perfect for a job interview or meeting the boyfriend’s parents! Unfortunately, the price is £75 which is a little steep for my modest student account. So when I saw this identical version in M Butterfly which fits amazingly, is a good quality, and a snippet at £21, I had to share!

M Butterfly Roshi Ryffle Sleeve Side Pocket Dress

FCUK have another similar style in black, costing £115:

FCUK Wendy Cotton Ruffle dress in black

Vera Moda are doing a much cheaper version of this for £22:

Vera Moda Frill Sleeve Mini Dress

Happy shopping!


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