Free L’ancome Genifique sample!

9 Nov

L’ancome Genifique is a new ‘youth activating concentrate’ that you can sample for free if you simply ‘like’ the L’ancome Expert Services Facebook page:!/LancomeExpertServices?v=app_7146470109


L’ancome Genifique sample

I read an article in the Metro a couple of weeks ago that listed French women as the most youthful looking, which they put down to using anti-aging creams from an early age. (Audrey Tautou-need we say more?!) I thought I should start investing now and where better to start than with a free sample!

I have been using the product for a few days now and it noticeably minimises pores (similar to a foundation primer). It looks initially like glue when it comes out of the tube, though it does not feel oily or greasy when applying it on the skin and luckily a little goes a long way.

As it could take a while for me to get age-lines and truly test the French theory out, I am going to collect a sample for my mum and see how it works on mature skin! Review to follow soon.


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